20 Best Apothecary Cabinets

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An apothecary cabinet is a great addition to any room. The antique cabinets are wonderful and useful accent pieces.

The storage an apothecary cabinet offers allows for easy organization of a variety of different types of items. In a Hurry have a look at the top-rated Apothecary cabinets on Amazon

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Best Apothecary Cabinet Reviews 2021

1. Brightify 2 Door Apothecary Accent Cabinet

apothecary cabinet

Keep your house or office neat by arranging your items in an Apothecary cabinet from Brightify. The rectangular-shaped storage has drawers of different sizes, designs, and decorations.


Storage areas: The Brightify cabinet has 13 drawers, each with a single shelf for adequate storage. The drawers are differently designed, sized, and decorated. Some of the drawers may be appropriate for larger items and others for smaller ones.

Construction material: The base and the top parts of the cabinet are built from manufactured wood. This is because solid woods are heavy and durable.

Details: All drawers are fitted with beautiful knobs for opening. A wooden foot rail is then designed at its base for aesthetic purposes. The drawer faces are finished with antique walnut, and that’s why they are smooth and soft. From the decorations, the cabinet can be placed in the waiting room or bedroom without deteriorating your home’s value.

Pros Cons
  • The artistic skills practiced in this cabinet make it elegant and unique.
  • Some of the drawer sizes are large enough to store books, certificates, and other precious items.
  • It is relatively heavy, therefore; you may need a hand while positioning it in your house.

2. Live Antique Furniture Traditional Oriental Art Artisan Wooden 16 Drawer One Cabinet Medicine Apothecary Cabinet

Live Antique Furniture Traditional Oriental Art Artisan Wooden 16 Drawer One Cabinet Medicine Apothecary Cabinet

Looking for an artistic cabinet with a Korean theme? Try the Live antique’s design. It has an adequate spacing and a well-crafted finishing.


Construction materials: The Antique cabinet is built from pine, natural paulownia, and Sheesham woods. Besides the materials being durable, they are easy to machine, resistant to decay, and naturally attractive.

Storage spaces: The medicinal cabinet comprises of 16 drawers of the same size built using the Sheesham wood. This is to improve the quality and durability of the cabinet.

Details: The elegance of the 16-drawer cabinet is attained by the finishing details. First, the drawers are fitted with classic cabinet pulls for beauty. The front side of the cabinet is decorated with artistic handcrafts that makes it attractive.

Moreover, the brass sheets and the lacquer finish complement the drawers’ décor. Besides that, it is fitted with a beautifully designed foot rail that makes your bedroom or office stand out.

Pros Cons
  • The Antique cabinet can be placed anywhere in your house or office to improve its appearance.
  • It is stunning.

3. Wood Console Table with Storage Drawers Console Tables for

Wood Console Table with Storage Drawers Console Tables for Entryway for Living Room, Wood Side Tables/Rustic Entryway Table Easy Assembly Ship from America Local Warehouse, Arrive at You in 3 Days

Check an elegant console table for your living room entryway from the American local warehouse. The cabinet has drawers meant for large-sized items.


Storage space: The cabinet has three large drawers for storing large files, magazines, and other items that disorganize your house. It can act as a chain store in a home that shelters a large family.

Construction material: The wood console table is built from solid acacia. Besides the wood is durable, it does not harbor destructive molds. Also, it is relatively light and offers a smooth finishing. This makes it machinable.

Details: The stunning cabinet comprises of 3 wide drawers (equal-sized) that are painted with 9 different colors. Each drawer is fitted with 3 cabinet knobs for opening. The knobs are equally spaced enhancing the appearance of the cabinet.

Pros Cons
  • The wood console table will help you declutter your home.
  • You can assemble beautiful flower vases, artistic crafts, and toys on top of the cabinet to enhance the look of the entryway.
  • It requires assembling.


4. Mccay 1 Door Accent Cabinet by World Menagerie

Mccay 1 Door Accent Cabinet by World Menagerie

Declutter your home by purchasing an accent cabinet from the World Menagerie. The Apothecary cabinet is relatively small, therefore; occupying a small section of your house.


Storage space: The Mccay cabinet was designed to store and organize items with varying sizes. It consists of four small drawers, a large drawer, a cabinet.

Construction material: The cabinet is built from robust wood, veneers, and metal, making it elegant. This wood has a red thread that gives the cabinet some natural beauty. Moreover, the material is strong, durable, and machinable.

Details: The cabinet drawers are fitted with beautiful knobs for opening. Each drawer is differently designed and decorated. The walnut finishing gives the cabinet a shiny appearance.

Besides that, one side of its top is higher than the other one. This means that you can place attractive items there and make it beautiful. It is advisable to place the cabinet at the entrance of your living room, because of its small size.

Pros Cons
  • The vintage design makes the cabinet elegant.
  • Its size makes it occupy a relatively small space. This means that you do not need a mansion to own the classic cabinet.
  • .


5. HYGGEHAUS Rustic Jewelry and Makeup Organizer Countertop – Storage Organizer

HYGGEHAUS Rustic Jewelry and Makeup Organizer Countertop - Storage Organizer | Apothecary Cabinet | Wooden Drawers | Craft Organizer | Handmade Wooden Cabinet | 12.5in x 14.5in x 4in

If you have tons of jewelry and makeup brands, then you need a storage organizer from Hyggehaus. It is well designed and finished to keep the house décor on point.


Storage space: The organizer has 24 drawers of different sizes fitted horizontally and vertically. Hyggehaus designed the cabinet to ensure that all categories of the home items (may it be tools, jewelry, sewing accessories, beautiful arts, or kitchen necessities) have space.

Each family member can have their own drawers to arrange their items. Besides that, you have a wide area on the benchtop to arrange the decoration items including flowers, arts, and toys among others.

Construction materials: The cabinet is built from sustainable pine wood. This is because pine does not decay. The organizer is strong enough to last for decades. Also, the wood is light, machinable, and naturally beautiful. This means that we do not need tons of decorations and hand tools to make the cabinet appealing.

Details: The Hyggehaus organizer has a plain finishing. However, simple cabinet knobs have been fitted on each drawer for pulling out. Generally, the exterior design of the cabinet complements the home décor.

Pros Cons
  • You do not need extra-time or skills to put the parts together since the unit comes assembled.
  • The cabinet is lightweight. This means that you can collect and position it alone.
  • .


6.Powell Company Parcel 13-Drawer Cabinet

Powell Company Parcel 13-Drawer Cabinet

Complement your living room entryway or bedroom with this Apothecary cabinet from Powel company. The eclectic organizer is creatively designed to add value to any space.


Storage space: The drawer cabinet has 13 drawers which can be categorized into 4 sizes. This means that you have enough space to organize your odds and ends. Also, its top table has ample space to arrange complementing items such as flower vases.

Construction material: The cabinet is built from distressed wood frames, although it looks metallic.

Details: The wooden cabinet is finished with a metallic theme, and that’s why it’s interestingly rusty. Also, its drawer faces are multicolored to complement the room. The drawer doors are fitted with fancy metallic handles for pulling out. Finally, the entire cabinet is finished with a vintage design that gives it an industrial flair.

Pros Cons
  • The Powel company designed the apothecary cabinet with a lot of creativity, making it stunning.
  • It does not require assembling.
  • It can be placed anywhere in the house.
  • .


7. Brundrett 8 Drawer Accent Chest

Brundrett 8 Drawer Accent Chest

This apothecary cabinet was designed to store essential items in the house. It can also act as an entryway table. The level of creativity used makes the cabinet elegant.


Storage space: The Brundrett accent chest has 8 drawers whereby four of the drawers are large-sized, while the rest are small-sized. This means that you can organize all your household essentials (including fabrics) depending on their sizes.

The lower shelf has a wider space for storage of large fabrics including carpets, blankets, charts, or even towels. You can arrange attractive items on the top table to beautify the space. Moreover, you can use it as a table anywhere in the house.

Construction materials: The attractive cabinet is built from mahogany wood. Besides mahogany being strong, it’s machinable and resistant to environmental changes. This means that the apothecary cabinet can be used for decades. Also, the wood is naturally beautiful that’s why the output is adorable.

Details: The final appearance of the cabinet is a combination of style, creativity, and quality. Here, the entire cabinet has black bars holding the drawers in position. Also, it is decorated with a scrolling metal, making the organizer attractive.

The drawers are painted in earth tone colors that make them stunning. All the cabinet drawers are fitted with black handles that match with the supporting bars and the scrolling metal.

Pros Cons
  • The apothecary cabinet looks amazing anywhere in the house.
  • You can disarrange the cabinet colors anytime to break the monotony.
  • .
  • .


8. Christopher Knight Home Distressed Wood Cabinet, Home Storage Shelves and Organizer Drawers by Christopher Knight Home

Christopher Knight Home Distressed Wood Cabinet, Home Storage Shelves and Organizer Drawers by Christopher Knight Home

Liven up your living room entryway with an apothecary cabinet from Christopher Knight organizers. It has an amazing appearance that adds value to your home décor.


Storage space: The modern cabinet has two cabinets and four equal-sized drawers. This offers enough space to store most of your household essentials. You can also arrange some on the top table in case you find the storage areas inadequate.

Construction materials: The stunning organizer is built using faux wood. Besides the wood is affordable, it is also attractive, resistant to climate change, and environmentally friendly. This means that the cabinet may last for ages, if well-maintained.

Additionally, the faux wood is resistant to water that’s why it’s appropriate to wipe the cabinet with water. On the other hand, its legs are designed from birch wood. This is because the wood does not rot. Also, it is strong, durable, and stains well. These properties give the cabinet legs a magnificent look.

Details: The front and the top face of the cabinet is painted with 5 different colors which blend well with the wood used. The drawers are fitted with adorable brass handles for pulling out. The distressed design applied to the cabinet gives it an antique appearance.

Pros Cons
  • Does not require assembling.
  • The craftmanship applied when designing the cabinet can complement any home décor.
  • .


9. Leslie Dame Solid Oak Library ard File Media Cabinet, 24 Drawers, Espresso

Leslie Dame Solid Oak Library ard File Media Cabinet, 24 Drawers, Espresso

Looking for an apothecary cabinet to store your DVDs and other multimedia files? Maybe you will find the Leslie Dame’s design appropriate. You can also store jewelry and other household items if some of the drawers remain after arranging your files.


Storage space: The multimedia cabinet has 24 equal-sized drawers of the same design and color. With this, you can store around 192 DVDs, 96 tapes, and 456 CDs in the drawers. However, you will need to label the drawers to avoid wasting time whenever you require a certain file.

Construction materials: The apothecary cabinet is built from solid oak. Besides the wood having an aesthetic look, it is strong, durable, and ageless. This means that the cabinet may retain its quality for decades. Also, the wood does not store dust, therefore; you can wipe it with a cotton towel.

Details: The shiny appearance of the cabinet was attained from rubbing it with the lacquer finish paint. Its design was enhanced by using the dovetail joints at the corners. Each door is fitted with metallic door pulls, giving the cabinet a retro-style design.

Pros Cons
  • It comes with labeling cards.
  • No assembling is required.
  • .


10. Kate and Laurel Apothecary Wood Desk Drawer Set, 9 Drawers, White

Kate and Laurel Apothecary Wood Desk Drawer Set, 9 Drawers, White

Enhance your home décor by adding an apothecary cabinet for household organization. Check out whether this product from Uniek furniture will impress you.


Storage space: The cabinet has 9 voluminous drawers that are horizontally arranged. With this, you can have all your household essentials organized. Also, you can place decorating items on its top table to enhance the space. Interestingly, the cabinet can also act as a kitchen counter, office table, or bedroom table.

Construction materials: The apothecary cabinet is built from premium woods. This is because hardwood is strong, thus; durable. Its natural beauty gives the furniture an elegant look. Moreover, it is easy to machine and stain.

Details: The attractive cabinet is painted white. This will enhance the look of any décor. Each drawer is fitted with an adorable brass handle for pulling out. Also, a label holder is stylishly installed to hold the label papers.

Pros Cons
  • No assembling is required.
  • The apothecary cabinet has a wide range of uses.
  • It is relatively light.
  • .


11. Primo Supply Traditional Solid Wood Small Chinese Medicine Cabinet

Primo Supply Traditional Solid Wood Small Chinese Medicine Cabinet l Vintage and Retro Look with Great Storage Apothecary Drawer Herbal Dresser l Great for Modern Gear | Wide - NO Assembly Required

12. Gettinger 9 Drawer Apothecary Accent Chest

Gettinger 9 Drawer Apothecary Accent Chest

13. Clayera 8 Drawer Apothecary Accent Chest

Clayera 8 Drawer Apothecary Accent Chest

14. Kewdale 3 Drawer Accent Chest

Kewdale 3 Drawer Accent Chest

15. Thirsk 3 Drawer Apothecary Accent Chest

Thirsk 3 Drawer Apothecary Accent Chest

16. Southard Apothecary Chest

Southard Apothecary Chest

17. Shoshoni 15 Drawer Apothecary Accent Chest

Shoshoni 15 Drawer Apothecary Accent Chest

18. Geremia 3 Drawer Apothecary Accent Chest

Geremia 3 Drawer Apothecary Accent Chest

19. Rowanna Chest

Rowanna Chest

20. Alcaraz Tall Chest

Alcaraz Tall Chest

What are Apothecary Cabinets?

Apothecary cabinets are multi-drawer units. There are several styles and sizes available. Some are free-standing cabinets, while others hang on a wall or set on a table.

The original Apothecary’s cabinets were used for storing items used for preparing medicines in days gone by. Apothecaries were sort of the pharmacists of yesteryear.

They were the ones that mixed medicines. Their cabinets gave them a place to neatly store and organize the various ingredients they used to make medicine. Each cabinet had several rows of drawers and each row had multiple drawers in line which made organizing easy.

Today, however, the term “Apothecary cabinet” is used more freely in reference to the style of the multi-drawer unit used by Apothecary.

Each cabinet has drawers of the same size going across and down in rows. Instead of being designed with the intent of storing medicinal supplies, today’s models are designed for any number of things.

In fact, some are designed specifically to only hold particular types of items like CDs and DVDs.

Different wood finishes

The cabinets come in a large variety of wood finishes so you can easily match your current décor’. Oak, walnut, or cherry wood is often used for the cabinets designed for certain uses such as a nightstand.

These fine woods are also used to construct many of the larger media cabinets that are apothecary styled. You can also find painted and laminated cabinets so choosing a unit to accentuate the rest of your furniture should be easy.

Some of these multi-drawer cabinets are general purpose units meaning that their drawers aren’t designed specifically for something like a DVD.

These make wonderful pieces of vintage furniture cabinets for storing craft parts and sewing notions, office essentials like paper clips, rubber bands, etc… The list of uses for these cabinets is endless.

They can also be used for storing collections of small items, jewelry, or even socks.

The best part is that you can give a multitude of different types of items their own little home in one of the drawers and know where it is when you want to use it again; it won’t get lost in the clutter of a large drawer because it has its own little space.

Antique apothecary cabinets

Antique apothecary cabinets in good condition go for big bucks at antique shows and flea markets.

The construction techniques used at the time by skilled craftsman to hand-make these cabinets are phenomenal.

To look inside a handcrafted cabinet that was created years ago, it is a marvel to see the tightness of the dovetailing and the straightness of the drawer’s tracks as well as several other details appreciated by woodworking craftsman of today.

The original creators of these cabinets really had a job set out for them when they commissioned the order of creating a cabinet with multiple drawers that had to be the same size and line up straight across and straight down.

What a daunting task they had when only using hand tools!

Some of the most popular apothecary chest brands on the market with solid reputations to back their products are; Linden Street Cherry Road and JCPenney in Library Style Storage, CD storage styles.

Apothecary’s chests

Apothecary chests are quite stylish and have been in style for a long time. With an ever-growing need to organize personal possessions or collections so that they can be retrieved quickly.

There’s no doubt that this style of cabinet and apothecary chest will remain a favorite for years to come. It’s a time saver and a step saver to keep things neatly organized and an apothecary cabinet can help you do that.

They are a great investment since they are useful as well as decorative. In fact, because of their usefulness, they are worth the investment of an heirloom-quality cabinet

DIY Apothecary Cabinet

How to Make an Apothecary Chest

Apothecary’s chests go back to the Middle Ages. An apothecary, a medical professional that dispensed medication, would use the chests to store ingredients and medications in these chests. Today, apothecary chest reproductions can be used in the home as storage pieces.

You can buy a variety of styles of apothecary’s chests, but they can get quite expensive. Making your own apothecary chest saves you money and gives you the opportunity to customize the color and other aspects of the design to suit your taste and décor.


Things You’ll Need

  • 4 pine panels, at least 24 inches wide x 34 inches long
  • 2 hardwood panels, 1/4-inch thick x 4 feet wide x 8 feet long
  • 16 drawer knobs
  • Power drill
  • Wood glue
  • Circular saw
  • Dado set
  • 4-penny finishing nails
  • 2-penny common nails
  • 8-penny finishing nails
  • Hammer
  • Measuring tape
  • Band saw (optional)
  • Miter saw
  • Belt sander
  • Clamps
  • Tack cloth
  • Polyurethane stain
  • Paintbrush
  • 1200 fine-grit sandpaper

Cut out all of your wood into the measurements needed for both the pine and hardwood, using your circular saw. You should have the following pieces and measurements:

2 sides ¾-inch x ¼-inch x 30¼-inch pine
1 top ¾inch x 15inch x 31-inch pine
5 partitions ¾-inch x 14-inch x 28-inch pine
1 filler strip ¾-inch x ¾- inch x 28-inch pine
12 drawer guides ¾-inch x ¾-inch x 12½-inch pine
12 drawer dividers ¾-inch x 1½-inch x 6 1/16-inch pine
1 base, front ¾-inch x 4¼-inch x 31-inch pine
2 base, sides ¾-inch x 4¼-inch x 15-inch pine
1 back ¼-inch x 28¾-inch x 28¾-inch hardwood
16 drawers, front ¾-inch x 6-inch x 6-inch pine
32 drawers, sides ½-inch x 5…-inch x 13¾-inch pine
16 drawers, bottom …-inch x 5…-inch x 13¾-inch hardwood


Cut a ¼-inch deep x …-inch wide rabbet into the back edges of the side pieces, using your dado set and circular saw. The back piece will fit into these rabbets.


Attach the drawer guides to the partition pieces, using wood glue and 4-penny finishing nails. The drawer guides should be flush with the back parts of the partitions. Provide 6 1/16-inch spacing between the drawer guides.


Attach the filler strip to the partition that you will use at the top of the casing, using wood glue and 4-penny nails.


Attach the partitions and the sides, using wood glue and 8-penny nails. Measure the space between the partitions with the measuring tape to check that you have maintained the 6 1/16-inch spacing; adjust before nailing completely.


Shape your drawer fronts and a top piece on the sides and edges with your sander.


Attach the top piece to the side pieces using wood glue and 8-penny nails. Attach the back piece using 2-penny common nails.


Add miter cuts to the corners of the base pieces with your miter saw. If desired, add a scroll design to your base pieces with a band saw.


Attach the base pieces to the bottom of the casing using wood glue and 4-penny nails.


Cut …-inch grooves into each of the drawer side pieces with your dado set and your circular saw.


Glue the sides and backs together using wood glue, then nail using 2-penny common nails.


Slide the bottom into place and tack, using 2-penny nails. Glue your front pieces on and secure using 2-penny nails. Add clamps to hold the fronts in place until the glue dries.


Drill a hole into the middle of each drawer front. Remove your clamps. Lightly hand-sand the top, front, and sides of the casing, as well as the drawer fronts, with 1200-grit sandpaper.


Use the tack cloth to wipe away any sanding dust.


Apply your polyurethane stain to the parts of the apothecary’s chest that you sanded. Follow the grain of the wood and apply light, even coats. Allow one coat to dry before you apply another.


Place the drawers into position in the cabinet’s casing when your stain finish has dried completely.

Tips & Warnings

During your initial cutting, it is helpful to cut your drawer front at least 1/8-inch over to allow extra material for sanding.

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