The 10 Best 9X12 Rugs for 2021

9X12 Rugs

9 x 12 rugs are great investments for floor decoration especially if you are looking for an alternative for wall-to-wall carpeting that does not require an inconvenient installation process.

There are a variety of different styles and patterns available on 9 x 12 area rugs, and they are great for covering the floor.

They add a little bit of warmth to the room, in terms of both aesthetics and temperature.

The Importance of 9 x 12 Rugs

Area rugs that are of dimension 9 x 12 are standard sizes that are used in different ways in rooms to decorate the floor and demarcate different areas of a single room that will be used for different purposes. They also come in handy if you want to cover almost the entire center portion of the floor of your room with a rug because the standard 9 x 12 is large enough to suit such requirements without being too large to fit into the room.

Of course, if you want to use area rugs 9 x 12 in dimensions, it is a very good idea to measure the dimensions of your room first, before you set out. Measure the floor, and make a note of the places where the furniture comes in, etc., so that the rug fits in well with the room.

9 x12 area rugs are great at keeping the floor warm, as tiling or bare floors can get quite cold during the winter. Moreover, they are extremely simple to find and install, requiring none of the inconvenience involved in the installation of carpeting.

9 x12 area rugs can add a bit of spice to the decoration of your room, especially if the patterns and designs are carefully chosen to match the rest of the interior styling. You have a lot of colors to choose from purple, blue, black, or even nautical designed area rug. Buy the best Nautical rugs.

They can also help to create well-defined areas in a large room so that a seating area can be distinguished from a study area, and so on.

A good 9 x 12 is a very comfortable floor covering to have in front of your couches as they not only look comfortable and classy – but feel great too.

Finding the Right 9 x12 Area Rug

You can easily find the right 9 x 12 area rug without too much trouble if you shop carefully, looking at the item’s quality and style while keeping in mind the interior decoration of the room it is meant for.

You should begin with measuring the floor space in your room, then fix a budget for yourself to narrow down the huge list of possibilities and then look for a rug that matches the decoration you have in mind.

9×12 Area Rugs – How to Choose the Best

Are you redecorating your room? The simplest and quickest solution to turn your room from being drab into fab is by adding a burst of colors through a large area rug. If you are considering buying a 9×12 area rug for your room, there are a lot of considerations to think about.

Of course, you would like to recheck again if the size is correct. Many people made the mistake of buying an oversized rug only to find out that it was too big for the room.

After you have made sure that the size is right, you need to look at the color schemes and furniture in your room.


If at this point you are still considering the color schemes for your room, here are some quick tips for choosing the right colors:

1) Decide Active or Passive

If you are redecorating an active room, choose the vibrant and exciting colors. Active rooms are those that have a lot of action like kitchen, living room, and dining areas. If you are redesigning a passive room, like the bathroom and bedrooms, choose the more casual, relaxing, and serene colors.

2) Complementary or Analogous

Based on the room that you will redesign, you can now decide whether to go for Complementary or Analogous. Complementary colors are those that are opposite to each other in the color wheel.

Examples are red and green; blue and yellow; purple and orange. The complementary colors are better situated in active rooms or sometimes called the formal areas. Analogous are those that are situated next to each other in the color wheel. Examples are yellow and green; blue and violet; red and orange.

They are more casual and restful. The muted color schemes are better for informal areas of the house such as family rooms, dens, and bedrooms.

3) Follow the 60-30-10 rule

After choosing the color scheme based on whether the room is active or passive, you should decide which color will be the dominant one. One major mistake of people who are redecorating their homes is having a 50%-50% color scheme in the room. 60% of the color is the wall; 30% will come from the upholstery; 10% from the accents like flower vases, plates, and wall decors.

4) Dark to Light from floor to ceiling

Follow this principle of having your floor the darkest, walls lighter than the floor, and the ceiling as the lightest color.

5) When choosing colors, the most critical decisions will be for the furniture; because while you can change the wall colors and the accessories, you should choose your furniture colors that will stand the test of time.

After following the above quick tips, where does your rug color fit in?

When choosing for your area rug colors, your choices will be either from the 30% or 10% depending on its size and purpose.

Going for 9×12 area rugs, the color will be part of the 30% of your color scheme. If you’re going for smaller pieces of area rugs, they can fall into the 10% accents in your room.

If your floor is very light, you might want to put in a darker shade of area rug. On the other hand, if your floor is too dark, adding a cream-colored shag rug or zebra rug will right away turn your room into one with sophistication and elegance.

Should you go for 9×12 area rugs that are monochromatic or multi-colored? The answer will depend on your style.

If your room is designed as modern and rich with complementary colors, the modern multi-colored 9×12 area rug will tie in all the colors in the room. Be careful though because having too many colors in one room can make it look gaudy.


One way to make your room feel richer and whether you prefer it to be warmer or cooler; is by choosing the right texture for your area rugs.

Wool area rugs are a top choice by many for many good reasons. While it is usually longer-lasting, they also serve as insulators as well. Walking barefoot on wool area rugs is a treat for young and old alike.

Shag rugs are fancier and provide some hip and yet sexy sophistication to one’s room. A shag rug is one alternative that is becoming very popular because while it also provides many options as far as color, shapes, and sizes, the texture truly attracts the eyes to it and invites guests to leave the shoes to feel the shag rug.

Natural area rugs like sisal rugs, bamboo or jute provide a simple, airy, cool feel for the feet. They come in different colors to suit your preference to follow the quick tips provided in the earlier section regarding color choices.

Designs and Patterns

Contemporary rugs and Modern area rugs are usually either bursting in colors or are in stark white or elegant black. Contemporary area rugs usually have geometric patterns and are abstract arts by themselves. Many modern rugs are designed by well-known artists.

Traditional rugs

Traditional rugs include Persian, Oriental, Indian, and Tibetan carpets that have fine details that will give your room a classic elegance without being overpowering.

Southwest area rugs are part of the American heritage and are also called Navajo rugs. Southwest area rugs are very distinctive with their tribal designs which have diamond shapes and other geometric designs.

The Southwest area rugs can be used together with modern furnishings or will fit very well in log cabins and cottage houses.

Floral rugs are feminine and romantic but not limited to gender-specific rooms. Men nowadays have come to like the floral rugs for the softness that it can bring into the room.

Animal rugs

Animal rugs can be showing the face of a faithful dog, huskies in the snow, or tigers in the African jungle. These animal area rugs can also include animal prints such as the very popular zebra rug. Animal or zebra rugs can be very versatile. These types of area rugs can go well with modern furnishings such as glass and chrome; go well with wood and brass. Whether you have a contemporary home or a rustic cabin, zebra rug, leopard rug or a tiger rug can very well fit into your home design.

Make or Weave

Hand-tufted rugs look very much like hand-woven rugs and are mistaken as such for a very good reason: hand-tufted rugs are made using the hands just like handwoven rugs. The only difference is that hand-tufted rugs are woven together by using a special hand-tufting gun.

The resulting area rugs made by using the hand-tufting guns are not as durable and lasting as the hand-woven area rugs. Of course, hand-tufted rugs are not as pricey too.

Handwoven rugs are also called the Oriental rugs. Nowadays, the had-tufted rugs have been mistakenly called Oriental rugs but the real and genuine Oriental rugs are those that are completely handmade without the use of hand-tufting guns.

The handwoven rugs are naturally more expensive but can be one of your most important investments for your most valuable asset — your home.

Machine-made rugs are the modern days’ treats. While having a wide array of colors, designs, themes, patterns, shapes, and sizes; you can also enjoy the cheaper price compared to the authentic hand-woven rugs.

Many companies mass-produce machine-made rugs with great quality that will also last and provide many years of service for your family to enjoy their beauty and feel.


Should you go for natural or synthetic? With technology’s advancements, man has learned to mass-produce products that mimic nature with greater ease and less cost. Consumers have learned to embrace the synthetic materials mainly for the convenience and cost considerations.

But with the fear of one’s health, people have begun to consider going back to basics. Going back to nature is the new old fad. Wool rugs and cotton area rugs are the most expensive and the most durable. They also offer many designs, texture, colors, shapes, and sizes.

It’s the same with blended and synthetic rugs — they offer a wide variety of choices as far as the colors, texture, patterns, shapes, and sizes are concerned too.

It’s different from bamboo, jute, seagrass, or sisal rugs. The texture, patterns, and colors may be limited. But if you want to go natural, this is durable enough and what is a better way to go natural than to follow its natural patterns and grains; and go for earth tones?

Choosing the Best 9×12 Area Rugs

To choose the best for your home, you must answer the following questions:

1) What is my main priority in buying the 9×12 area rug?

a) to beautify my home

b) to protect my flooring

c) to provide insulation

d) to cover the floor’s damages

2) What is your 2nd priority?

a) to work within a budget

b) to buy an heirloom

With the two questions answered, you will know which 9×12 area rug to buy for your home. Are you limited within a certain budget? Knowing the size, and the budget can be a very good starting point in finding the right area rug for your redecorating project. Your budget will limit your choices on the material and weave of the area rugs.

If you answered YES to all the answers in the first question, then by following the principles and tips in color selection, and limiting your choices to your desired texture, your home style, and designs; you will be able to find the best 9×12 area rug to turn your home into instant fab!

The Benefits Of Having 9×12 Rugs

Area Rugs are meant to protect the high traffic parts of a home or business establishment’s floor from scrapes, spills, or damage. They usually are meant to be decorative accessories, or for hiding just about any flaw or spot on a carpet or bare floor.

Also, they are helpful in shaping almost any room’s space, creating a whole new appearance and appeal for the room. These rugs are available in many colors, patterns, styles, and even design themes.

9×12 rugs can be really effective in shaping any home’s room or even partitioning off one part of the house to another area. Modern designs normally include earth or natural colors that best match existing home furnishings. These designs possess wonderful geometric shapes as well as sleek smooth lines that go well with most furniture.

The positioning of the Rugs

One of these rugs could be positioned right in the middle of a living room sofa set or, it could be placed in front of a warm fireplace creating a warm cozy look and feel.

These large rugs are also great to use in the kitchen area, underneath the main breakfast table. It may be color-coordinated with the smaller kitchen rugs in front of the sink or stove. One of these kitchen rugs might also be placed right under a dining table, indicating the area as the dining area.

The bedroom is another good place to place a rug, maybe close to the bed, or perhaps even underneath the bureau or nightstand. For color coordination, it is suggested that you pick out a 9×12 rug that has similar colors and tones as the furniture that you will be placed around it.

Essentially, the possibilities are as endless as the many possible spaces there are to place a 9×12 rug in your office, or home. Wherever they are placed, the entire surrounding area is surely brightened up.

In an office environment, putting an area rug underneath an executive’s desk really adds sophistication. In a restaurant, using one or more provides an immediate homey atmosphere.

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