10 Great Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Bedroom Wall Decor

How to Easily Create Focal Points for Your Bedroom Decor

Focus on Special Items

Creating focal points within your bedroom décor can be both easy and fun. It’s a simple matter of making groupings. You can do this on top of furniture, on the walls, even on your bed and chairs.

Group together 3 items that either carry your theme or provide accent color in your color scheme. Three items are the rule of thumb, but you can get creative with 2 or 4 or even 5 items if you like.

Mix up the vertical spacing of your items. If symmetry is important to you, then balance the effect with the tallest item in the middle and the other shorter items surrounding it. But this is not a requirement. This is a time to play with a grouping and see how you like the effect.

Some Examples for Your Bedroom Décor

Let’s take an example. Say you have a beach theme for your bedroom décor. On top of your dresser can be an arrangement of a carved seagull accessory, a large conch shell, and several smaller clamshells. This becomes a great focal point in your bedroom décor.

On your bed, you can arrange three different sized accent pillows with beach themes to them. Or try two that have a beach theme and one that is a solid color within your color scheme.

A chair in your bedroom can have an ocean view throw blanket laid across the back of it with a small shell designed accent pillow tucked in the corner. You see how small groupings of accent pieces or accessories can help you pull a focal point out of your bedroom décor.

Focal Points on the Walls for Easy Bedroom Décor

Now, what about on the walls? That’s easy, too. Think of something like a wall clock or plaque as the central point, then add 2 to 3 additional accents to surround it.

Using the beach theme again, you can add a small framed picture of the ocean, and a 3-d item like a beach shell held in place on your wall with something like a thin ribbon or even a wire.

Small wall shelves work well also to add accents to your bedroom décor. If you are handy with a glue gun, you can glue small seashells to several ribbons in your color scheme and hang them from the bottom of the wall shelf. Then you can top the shelf with your beach themed clock.

Make Sure You are Comfortable with Your Focal Points

When working with groupings that add focal points, try different things out until you really feel good about how it looks in your bedroom. Several focal points work as well.

Be comfortable with the look you create with focal points and you will be thrilled to enjoy your bedroom. So make sure to keep your groupings in your own style. If too much clutter bothers you, keep your groupings to only one or two.

You might even prefer to simplify the actual items that you use. Stick to your own style and skip the fads. You will enjoy your bedroom decor much more.

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