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Bathroomresearch.com is a Home-improvement website that focuses on providing quality information about Decor and Household appliances. We acknowledge that each is created unique and so are preferences. On this site, we have included images on each post to inspire your creativity in designing personalizing your bathroom.

Bathroomresearch.com offers diverse and extensive information to our ever-growing customers. This content is created by our very own team of experts. One of the main sections we are very pleased with is home decor. Here, you get to discover and experiment with new or upcoming ideas for your personal lifestyle.

Every home has to acquire furniture at some point. Discover the beauty of home furniture and designs: these include Coffee and Dining tables, Bathroom appliances, Beds, Storage, and Cabinets as well as Fans.

Hi! I’m

Sarah Flin | CEO/Founder

I’m so glad to see you on my blog! I created it to make all my dreams true and to share my story of achievements with people who also love to dream big! I’m glad I can share a little more about myself here.

I started this blog as a means to increase my revenue after seeing what other moms are doing online. I have been employed for over a decade now and I’m just dead tired of the 9-5 job.

My college degree majors in interior design.

I decided to learn more about SEO, digital marketing, and blogging in general and eliminate the need for having a boss.

Eventually, I started a blog (this is my 5th blog) and I dint know what the heck I was doing. Fast forward, I started this blog with all the knowledge I gained and I’m hoping for the best.

James Miller | Graphic Designer

James is one of those people who are not easy to understand but once you do, you’ll love him. His attention to detail is stunning. It’s crazy how much time he spends on the computer on a daily basis “yes he’s a nerd” and a great one. He joined my team in late 2020 when we first registered our company. James is my go-to guy when it comes to deep research on the web.

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