The 10 Best 3 Piece Dining Sets

3 Piece Dining Set

A 3 piece dining table set is perfect for couples while indoors or even outdoors. If you’re only two in your home, then there is no need for getting a big dining set.

One advantage of a 3piece dining table or kitchen table is that it is not space-consuming. It is also recommended if you want to interact closely with a person.

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Best 3 Piece Dining Table Set Reviews

1. Casual Home Breakfast Cart with 2 Stools-Natural

Casual Home Drop Leaf Breakfast Cart with 2 Stools-Natural

2. VECELO Dining Set Industrial Style 3 Pieces Kitchen Wood Table 2 Chairs with Metal Legs,Retro Brown and Black

VECELO Dining Set Industrial Style 3 Pieces Kitchen Wood Table 2 Chairs with Metal Legs,Retro Brown and Black

3. FIVEGIVEN 3 Piece Dining Set Small Kitchen Table Set for 2, Table and 2 Chairs Dining Set, Rustic Industrial Sonoma Oak

FIVEGIVEN 3 Piece Dining Set Small Kitchen Table Set for 2, Table and 2 Chairs Dining Set, Rustic Industrial Sonoma Oak

4. Dorel Living Montgomery 3-Piece Dining Set, Dark Mahogany

Dorel Living Montgomery 3-Piece Dining Set, Dark Mahogany

5. Powell 3-Pc. Hamilton Pub Set, Medium Cherry

Powell 3-Pc. Hamilton Pub Set, Medium Cherry

6. Sunset Trading Brook Dining Table Set, White

Sunset Trading Brook Dining Table Set, White

7. Roundhill Furniture 3-Piece Counter Height Dining Set with saddleback Stools, White

Roundhill Furniture 3-Piece Counter Height Dining Set with saddleback Stools, White

8. International Concepts 3-Piece 30-Inch Round Table with 2 Chairs in Black-Cherry Finish

International Concepts 3-Piece 30-Inch Round Table with 2 Chairs in Black-Cherry Finish

9. AchieveUSA 3-Piece Bar Table Set Counter Pub Table

AchieveUSA 3-Piece Bar Table Set Counter Pub Table

10. Sunset Trading Linen Kitchen Dining Set, Round Table Small Room, Brown/Beige

Sunset Trading Linen Kitchen Dining Set, Round Table Small Room, Brown/Beige

Types of Dining Room Sets: How to Find Cheap Dining Room Sets

Few rooms in the home can set the mood for fun family times and get-togethers with friends like the dining room. We all know that a dining room table, some chairs, and other basic furnishings set the foundation for a dining room.

However, it’s important to think about the different types of dining room sets if you are in the process of moving into a new home or refurbishing your existing dining room.

It’s also helpful to know how to find cheap dining room sets if you’re looking to save a little bit of cash while furnishing this important room in your home.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most common types of dining room sets and how you can find the perfect dining room furniture for your home without overpaying.

Traditional Dining Rooms Sets

Traditional dining room sets run the gamut from very basic, non-descript furniture to higher-end country-style pieces of dining room furniture.

If you like to keep things basic, but still want to create a warm, comfortable dining room in your home, you may want to consider going with a traditional set of furniture.

Remember, you can always use more contemporary or artistic accessories and dishes to add some interesting tension to an otherwise run-of-the-mill traditional dining room décor.

Formal Dining Room Sets

Some people like to use their dining rooms only for very important dinner parties, or the all-important weekly Sunday dinner with the family.

If that’s the case for you, and you want to really dress up your dining room, you may want to get very formal pieces of furniture for your dining room.

Consider the more expensive types of wood, like oak, and the possibility of glass tabletops to make a very impressive, yet still inviting formal dining area in your home.

Contemporary Dining Room Sets

Maybe you’re looking for a more modern-looking dining room and prefer contemporary furniture in your home. If you do, you’re in luck these days, as there are some beautiful – and very affordable – contemporary 5 piece dining room sets currently available.

Contemporary sets often blend old and new styling, along with brighter, bolder colors to make the dining room as interesting – or more interesting – than any other room in the home.

Our Conclusion on Finding Cheap Dining Room Sets

Now that we’ve discussed a few of the different types of furniture sets available for dining rooms, let’s discuss how you can find cheap dining room sets.

You’d do best to check with the online furniture retailers instead of your local furniture stores when buying new dining room furniture.

Online retailers don’t have to pay the higher overhead costs of brick and mortar stores, and that means that they are able to pass along more savings to their online customers.

Regardless of where you purchase your next dining room set, we hope this article has given you some ideas about all the exciting possibilities that exist for you when putting together the layout for the dining room in your home.

How to Choose the Right Style of Table legs

There are so many people who do not know how to choose the right table legs. This is because of the fact that they are majorly focused on the design of the table itself and not the legs.

However, it’s important that when you are looking at the different types of legs you go for something that will work appropriately with the design of the table.

Also, look at the length and width of these legs so that they can offer proper support. Extendable dining tables are great if you need more sitting space.

Think about the other furniture that you have and the setting of the room in which the table you are making will be placed. That way, you will go for table legs that complement all the items in that particular room.

What are the Main Styles of Table Legs Available?

Individuals who know about the different options of table legs know how one can get confused when it comes to choosing because of variety.

This should not be such a great deal and if you seem not to be able to find something that works well for you then, it’s advisable to sort the services of a professional. The main styles that you will find are:

  • Tapered legs

These styles of legs are commonly used on dining tables, oval coffee table, and side tables. It is simple in a beautiful way and can be found in different widths. The customer can either get the two or four-sided taper made for him. For people who love detail, going for the tapered mission style will enhance any simple look.

  • Farm style leg

Individuals who have the country theme in their house can go for this style and they will always have the rustic effect. Those who need a wider version of the wood table legs can incorporate the massive farm leg especially if they are going for the butcher block tables.

  • Colonial style legs

These are strong and straight with soft turning to improve the look. You can also curve them as desired so that they can have an elegant look.

  • Cabriole leg style

For the right type of metal table legs go for this style. They are simple and curve just as the owner would like them to.

  • Folding legs

Folding table legs come in handy when you want something that will be easy to move around. Mostly they are made of metal and custom making the table will allow you to choose a suitable table that will go well with this type of legs. Remember that they do not function too well with a bulky surface and proper joining has to be made for proper support.

Selection Tips

Before making a decision on the kind of legs that you want, there are various things that you have to keep in mind. These are what will help you end up with something to be admired by all.

Go for something that complements everything that is in that particular room. The theme of the room is also appropriate and it’s what will determine whether you will go for the traditional look or modern style of legs.

Contrasting wooden legs with a glass tabletop gives it a unique look; therefore, you may also use them for various decorative purposes.

What you need to know

We all wish to give our homes a truly unique and welcoming feel no matter whether we talk about the living room, bedroom, guests’ room, or for that matter any other part of the house.

To help us achieve the dream setup, the furniture market has an exhaustive variety to offer. When it comes to setting up a dining section, it is undeniable that the class exhibited by formal dining tables is simply unparalleled.

However, if you are one of the many looking for a formal dining room set up, you need to assess a number of factors before heading out to the market, failing to which you might end up buying unsuitable dining room furniture. 5 piece dining sets are great for a medium-sized group

Let us have a look at some of the key factors you must closely assess before making any purchase for the dining section.

Floor Area Available

As formal dining tables are characterized by their large size to let a number of people dine together, your dream of buying one for your house may not be too realistic if there is not enough space in the dining section of your house.

With apartments getting smaller by the day, not many are able to accumulate a formal table in their house.

Hence, before buying a formal dining set, always check whether or not the space available to you allows you to use a formal set.

Type of Material

Even though dining room tables and chairs are available in a number of materials such as wrought iron, stainless steel, fiberglass, PVC, and many more, wood continues to be the most sought after material used.

Today, you can find a number of hard and softwood options such as mahogany, oak, pine, beech, alder, walnut, and many more.

When choosing a material for the dining room set, you need to consider the nature of the existing setup of the dining section of your house.

Quality of Buy

Though you may easily find a number of cheap formal dining tables in the market, it is strongly recommended that you always go for premium quality options.

Cheap furniture options available in the market may seem to be financially beneficial, but the negligible lifespan they usually serve makes them utter wastage of your hard-earned money.

To ensure premium quality, it is recommended that you buy dining room tables and chairs from one of the reputed sellers easily discoverable using any web search engine.

Buying Guide

Fit to Sit

Before deciding what you want your chairs to look like, it is important to get a sense of how much space you have available for them. This is especially important if you already have an existing table and you wish to get new chairs.

It is good to keep the shape of your dining area in mind so that you can envision how the whole dining set-up will look. Once the measurements of the table and the room itself have been accounted for, you can start thinking about how many chairs you will need. Some rules of thumb:

  • Be sure to leave 4 – 5 feet between the table and walls for people to sit and maneuver in.
  • Make sure there are 24 – 30 inches between each chair for your guests’ comfort.

Seat heights will determine how well your chairs fit the table. If you are only purchasing chairs, measure from the underside of the table to the floor to discover how much of a clearance your chairs will have. Average tables measure 28 – 30 inches – but including aprons (the rail that is fitted between the legs to support the top of the table), most are 25 inches.

Most of the time you should have no difficulties fitting chairs to a table, but issues can arise if you intend to purchase dining chairs with arms – when placed at the ends of the table this creates a very elegant and formal scene.

Be sure to incorporate space for them under the table, and be sure to keep in mind the space allowed between the legs. If your family is either tall or petite on the whole, it is a good idea to be aware of seat depths Not only does the proper seat mean a more pleasant seating experience for them, it also affects how your chairs will fit the table.

A final tip on fit

Always have comfort in mind.

While some of you might intend to go shopping at physical stores, more and more often people are doing parts of their shopping online.

They depend on the reviews of pioneering consumers; some shop online simply because there are so many helpful reviews!

That low backrest might look sleek, but how does it hold up to hours of studying at the table? Sure those cushions are comfy, but do they stand the test of time?

Read through reviews carefully to make a more informed decision. Once you have your purchase you might even want to contribute and leave some helpful words on your own experience!

Style for Miles

Now that you have all the numbers crunched and you have a sense of what roles your chairs will play in your life, you can start thinking about the look of them. With the assumption once again that you will be incorporating chairs to an existing dining table, it is important to keep said table’s style in mind as much as that of the room it resides in.

You are certainly welcome to mix highly modern metal high-back chairs with a shaker style table, but it might start to grate at you after a while!

While one should definitely keep needs in mind over trends, it has become increasingly popular to mix and match the chairs themselves. This is especially handy when you are working within a budget or only one or two of your chairs need to be replaced.

Even if your budget is more along the lines of “the sky is the limit”, it can be a very bold statement and lend an extra bit of fun to the dining area.

A less risqué option is to choose armchairs different from the side chairs, as this way you get the mixed feeling with a touch more cohesion. The key here is for you to enjoy the aesthetics of your decisions for a long time to come.

The Bottom Line

The seat of your chair has to look good and feel good, right? Then there is the whole question of durability… While you’re probably aware that children and upholstered furniture don’t always mix the best, there is an increasing number of manufacturers offering easy-to-clean options for a more family-friendly product.

So what then is the best way to go? Many chairs (such as the Ladder-back) offer a woven seat, but if you’re looking for some cushion, chances are you will encounter the following:

  • Fabrics: As mentioned above, one of the best fabrics for a kid-friendly dining chair is microfiber. Any tightly woven fabric is going to wear better and resists stains more successfully. You can go with more traditional velvet or silk if you are looking for something a little more elegant, or compromise with a nice cotton/poly blend!
  • Leather: By far the most durable choice, leather actually improves by softening with age and proper care. There are several types of leather for you to keep in mind while shopping: top- or full-grain is from the upper section of the hide and will wear better than most other kinds; Aniline leather is delicate, soft, and supple but is highly susceptible to sunlight and liquid stains; corrected-grain has been sanded or buffed to remove imperfections, then given a new grain; split leather is what is left once the top-grain has been removed from a hide, then given an embossed grain; suede is made from split leather, with the grain completely removed – it is less expensive than other types of leather, but also far less durable.

Finishing Up

The following are some of the most popular types of dining chairs and should help to outfit you with some general idea for what sort of chair will suit your needs from a purely visual standpoint.

  • Chippendale: Originating from 18th-century British furniture maker Thomas Chippendale, they are known for their pierced splats (center back support), yoke-shaped top rails, curved and elaborately carved parts, upholstered seats, and even ball-and-claw feet. While traditionally crafted from mahogany, they can be found in walnut, maple, cherry, pine, ash, cedar, beech, and even tulip.
  • Ladder-back: Also known as Shaker Style or Slat-Backs, they feature rail-and-stile backs (which replace the usual splat) and often have woven seats. This is a very popular choice for a country dining area.
  • Midcentury: As one can gather from the name, these come from the mid-20th century, with a broad range of designs from the 1940s to the 1970s. Modern (Mod), retro… you name it. Glass, metal, resins, plastics/vinyl, and leather are all hallmarks of this era.
  • Queen Anne: These chairs are also based on 18th-century design. They are recognizable by the urn-shaped splat and the crest rail along the back. Designs tend to be generally very delicate and restrained.
  • Regency: Can also be called Empire or Duncan Phyfe; they feature saber legs (these are curved to resemble a cavalry saber), scroll backs, and squared tops. This design is 19th-century in origin but duplicated repeatedly in the 20th-century. These tend to be massive and bulky with bold carving, and they are usually made from rosewood or mahogany,
  • Windsor: While straight out of England, this is a chair that has been highly popularized by Americans since the mid-18th-century. Generally delicate, they are often crafted from pine, maple, hickory, ash, or birch. The back is made from spindles that are enclosed with a curving rail at the top; the seat is usually generous and accommodated by stretcher-supported legs.

Linon Tavern collection 3-piece table set

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